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Qcast Mission 

​​Every dollar raised through advertising and your support stays right here to keep us on the air to meet the needs of our diverse communities.

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In 2017, Elijah Hartman, concern over the shortage of accurate and supportive LGBTQ+ media content across the United States was growing daily. Television, radio, and online media highlighted the increase in homophobia, discrimination, and hate crimes against LGBTQ+ persons. At the same time, these networks engaged in a large scale pattern and practice of stereotyping, misrepresenting, and underrepresenting LGBTQ+ lives in order to gain ratings.


Given Elijah’s background as a media producer, his work as a business and intellectual property attorney, his non-profit experience, and his strong family connections in broadcasting , Elijah set out to change that, by creating the Qchella Media Corporation, the first-ever LGBTQ+ created, directed, and managed nonprofit media corporation.